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When TT’s restarted as we came out of lockdown in 2020, life was a bit strange as a time trialist. On one hand you had the excitement of being able to race and on the other you had the frustration of not knowing how you had done, that would involve talking with more than one person in a closed space, not possible with social distancing. HQ’s weren’t allowed, so the post-race ritual typically involved a 5 minute chat with your minute man across the car park and going home to patiently wait for the results to appear on the CTT website a few days later.

ResultSheet is a live time trial results app that was created to help bring back race banter and make life easier for event organisers. The prototype version was launched for the 2021 season and a full cloud platform launched in 2022, which has subsequently been used at 100s of club events, open events and national championships.

ResultSheet was created by Brett Davis, a time trialist based in Sussex.

Brett Davis
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