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We love the application and it was easy and great to use. The time keepers had the classical stopwatches and the use of Watch Time made it so simple and spot on accurate.

Mark, Hillingdon Triathletes

I was very pleased with the system, as a first time open event organiser I found it much less work than I imagined and the riders seemed to appreciate it. As a result of my experience I’ve decided to use it for our club events.

Andy, Kettering CC

The whole system was very easy and hugely simplified putting out the event results.

Ben, Cambridge University CC

Essentially it’s brilliant and the riders thought so too.

Ian, Northampton & District Cycling Association

In a nutshell the system is brilliant, it transforms the role of organising an event and really is a game-changer.

Jeff, Farnborough & Camberley CC

The timekeeper recorded the times on Resultsheet, which we could then see at HQ in real time and overall found it a great resource. We also found the sort options very good for the VTTA standards.

Malcolm, Darlington Cycle Club

The North East District (Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association) started using ResultSheet this season and it is a very welcome feature. Both riders in the actual event and those watching from afar are loving access to the instant results. Mams and Dads who have Junior riders in the event like the comfort of knowing that they have made it back to the finish line. Those injured like to watch the results coming in from the comfort of their sofa at home, particularly when it is lashing down with rain outside 🤣 and those waiting to start are curious to see what the early markers are. Phone coverage in rural Northumberland can be a little sketchy, but to date, we’ve not found an issue. Might be interesting when hill climb season starts, but we’ll be sticking with it as much as we possibly can – it’s certainly got riders hanging around in HQ again chatting over results and having a post-race cuppa.

Sharon, Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association

I would like to thank you for developing such a good app. It made the presentation of results faster and more efficient. We used the Watch times and this saved the arithmetic. I am also successfully using it on a weekly basis for our Evening 9 mile series but as this is entry on the day, I type in the riders at the event. I also have the QR code available for people to scan. As I said to someone, a good thing that came out of the pandemic. I would recommend the app to all time trial promoters

Richard, CC Bexley Road Cycling Club

On behalf of the riders and their supporters, it’s a massive THANK YOU from Virtual Cycling Club for creating this superb resource. It doesn’t just make life easier for the organiser but also adds something to the event itself. We had a large field of entries at the VCC event in South Wales yesterday and a hall full of people engrossed with the real-time results. Superb!

Simon, Virtual Cycling Club

ResultSheet is a “game changer”, we started using it last year, in fact we were one of the first. What attracted me was that I needed a result system for our events at Goodwood Motor Circuit & we needed to consider “social distancing”. Brett developed the system so that riders could easily find the results on their phone. The bonus is Brett actually rides “Time Trials”, this may sound a strange statement, but how often do we get system that are designed for us by non-cyclist (bibs). Over the winter, Brett consulted with several riders & organisers to discuss how the system worked in the first year, I was fortunate that one of our riders (Neil Mackley) who has also organised was able to give some useful input & also helped me with the changes.

Last year while Brett was setting it up we were paying but this year it is free, I was happy paying as it was working out cheaper that providing a result board.

Another bonus is that you don’t get the emails from riders asking “when will we see the results?” plus if a rider has a query with their result they notice it quicker & can be checked. At Goodwood we have an “inputter” alongside the timekeepers so the results are up straight away. Last year we had to refresh every now & again but over the winter Brett worked on the system so that there is now an automatic refresh.

Sorry to go about Goodwood, but I run on average eight separate events, these are loaded separately but run concurrently, these are the results you see at first, you then select your event i.e, road bike men, to see how you did. Of course if you felt you should have placed higher up you can select “VTTA Standard” result to see if you placed higher that some of the younger vets! It’s all there.

Lastly, we all know that fountain pens can leak, so can felt nib pens, ResultSheet mitigates the risk at the Result Board. Okay, long answer, but it’s good for riders & for organisers.

David Collard-Berry, …a3crg

Reading CC started using ResultSheet for open events in May and has successfully used it for our 3 open events so far this year. In June we started using ResultSheet for club events as our volunteer team now feel very comfortable using the app and we operate a pre entry system so ResultSheet saves us admin time as the startsheet and results link/QR code can be shared very easily with competitors and results can be filtered as soon as they’ve been entered by a volunteer at the finish line.

The riders really like the fact that results are available quickly after the event and that they can even go home straight away if they are pressed for time and use link/QR code to access the results. Feedback on filtering by age category and/or competition type (road bike/TT) has been very positive.

Now that you can upload the startsheet so easily using ResultSheet is a no brainer as it saves plenty of admin time. Being able to filter the results means that prizes can be given out promptly at HQ and reduces the need to “chase” riders to award prizes post event.

It really is very easy to use even without the excellent video tutorials available. Entering results at the finish line using a phone is quick and cuts out work getting results to HQ through text/photo etc. All our volunteers who’ve used ResultSheet enjoy it and only have praise for it. We’re all so very impressed. I’ve explained what we’ve been using to competitors at HQ after our open events as they also organise and were really interested to find out more about ResultSheet for their own club’s events.

Quote from volunteer at club event after watching riders scan the QR code for the results after their ride.

“This is the most hi-tech thing I’ve seen in ages. Amazing”

Christina Gustafson, Reading CC

(credit: Kimroy Photography)

I used the Resultsheet app for the first time last weekend. The on-line tutorial and written instructions were very easy to understand. Brett was so helpful in replying to my few questions quickly.

On the day, even my recorder (who used to be young) was able to enter the times on his phone at the finish and they appeared automatically at HQ and could be projected onto a screen/wall. Also, the riders were so appreciative of being able to view live results on their phones via the QR code.



The app saved so much time;

  • no need to receive messages/phone calls and then write the times on a board as in the past
  • the results could be sorted into various orders (by actual time, VTTA standard, Age Adjusted time, VTTA members only etc) which was so useful
  • the Events Summary page showed the winners (even the winning teams)
  • being able to transfer the results in a format suitable for uploading to CTT was invaluable (especially with over 150 entrants)

I would certainly recommend all organisers use the app in future.

Joy Payne, VTTA London & Home Counties

Resultsheet converted the Timekeeper’s stopwatch (elapsed) time into an instant, accurate and reliable result for every rider. This included the appropriate result on VTTA Standards which was essential, as this year’s event incorporated the VTTA National Championships.

Conservatively the software has saved me at least 3 hours of work after the event. The riders love it because they can use the QR code to check their times on their smartphone. There have been zero queries on the results for the last two years, allowing me to complete the post race formalities in short order.

I look forward to going through the Zoom video training to become more familiar with the inputting steps/calculating team results, so we can get our own club officials involved next time.

Bruce McMichael, Hounslow & District Wheelers

What a fantastic addition to an organisers tool-kit!

Simply set up an account, add the events basic details, input the CTT event id and it populates the app to receive the results. No complex data manipulation.

No need for the result inputter at the event to WhatApp time keeper sheets. I use the App whilst finish timekeeping too and there is no need for a body at the HQ to handwrite times. The traditional result board can be displayed publicly or on a smart phone. It even does the vet standards for you and outputs the result in a format to upload to the CTT website. No need for complex training, simple to input the results.

As an organiser it is a timesaver too. No need for extra excel spreadsheet, sending to a Printers or picking up paper that is only binned after the race. I like it so much I will be investing in a better projector but you don’t have to. Send riders the link, print a few QR codes for the sign on table and everyone can follow the race on their phone.

I’ve had feedback that friends of riders following races from the other end of the country so it can add to the interest of the event. There is a growing band of users and I have no hesitation in recommending it. I will be using it for my promotions and events where I’m a timekeeper.

Martyn Heritage-Owen, @Realteamcycling

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